Aug 9, 2013

Master These Passing Techniques

Source: soccer training guide

Mastering the art of passing is a must if you want to perform well as a soccer player. Without good passing skills your time on the field will be short.
Passing is so simple but still so difficult. It may look simple when professional players find each other with long and precise passes, but these players have spent thousands of hours on a soccer field practicing passing.

Playing Simple

You should always try to pass the ball simple. With simple I mean that passing the ball to a nearby standing teammate should always be your first option. Make sure that you don't pass the ball if they are marked by an opponent.
Of course you will get credit from teammates when you find them with 40 yard passes, but always try to pass the ball to your nearest teammate.

Stay Focused and Calm

Providing your teammates with quality passing, especially when you are under pressure, is also a moment where you need to be calm and try to find an easy solution.
In order to become good at passing, you also need to become familiar with the different type of passes, and the various ways in which they are used...

Push Pass

Push PassIn soccer, the most frequently used pass is the push pass. This pass is easy to learn and you will know how to perform a push pass correctly just after few training sessions, but to master it you will need to practice a lot more.

Wall Pass

Wall PassThe wall pass, also known as the give and go and one two pass, is a tactic that many sports use. In fact, the wall pass is the most basic one of all offensive tactics but is still very effective when used in the right situations.


Chip PassThe chip pass is performed by a jabbing motion down and under the ball to get it up into the air. With a chip pass the ball will get a backspin which will slow down the speed of the ball when it lands on the ground.

Backward Pass

Backward PassThe backward pass in soccer is very efficient when you have the opponent's goal behind you. This type of pass is performed by kicking the ball with the heel or the sole of your kicking foot.

Passing into Space

Passing into SpacePassing into space is used frequently when the game is played at high speed. The player without the ball must provide a passing option for the ball holder by running into space. If you are the ball carrier, you must look around you and keep an eye on movement and runs by your teammates.