Aug 9, 2013

Simple and Efficient Passing Drill

This simple passing drill is ideal for all ages. While it is pretty basic I can ensure you that even the professional players work on it as well!

To improve your passing skills by using the inside of your foot.

Drill Set Up
Have one of your teammates standing about 15-20 yards from you (see the image).
Vary the distance between you and your teammate in order to increase the difficulty of drill.

Performing The Drill
Now, pass the ball to your teammate with the inside of your foot. The pass should be accurate and powerful.
Your teammate should receive the ball and then pass it back to you on the same way as you did.
During the drill you should try to use your both feet for passing and receiving.
Make sure to be on your toes and don't stand and wait for the ball.
Instead, meet the ball and imagine that you are playing a real soccer game with an opponent behind your back.

Crossing or chipping the ball.

Equipment Needed
Cones, 1 ball.
Passing Drill for Soccer

This drill might not seem very fun at first glance, but you just have to try it for yourself.
As always, you want to perform with your best effort. Just hacking through it halfway will not improve your soccer skills.
You see, even a basic inside pass is something you will need to practice on no matter how good you are.
In order to become successful in soccer it is not enough to perform something well.
You need to perform it with perfection. It is therefore crucial to perform at your maximum during the soccer drills (no matter what type of drill it is) in order to succeed.